Striking Textures

When I saw this image by Albuquerque photographer Lynn Black, my mind started arguing with itself about what I was looking at … coarse hair of some kind? … some kind of plant fiber like tassels from corn ears? … some kind of high altitude scientific imagery?


Lynn and I are both part of a Meetup group called Arts New Mexico.  If you have never happened upon, it is well worth checking out.  It is a generally a social network for people who are interested in actually meeting in person.  But back to Lynn’s intriguing image …

One of Arts New Mexico’s organizers put up a Meetup event inviting participants to post photos each week during the coming year that will follow a different theme every week.  This week the theme was “textures” and the participants contributed a broad variety of interesting images.  You can view them all if you like.  With this assignment in mind, Lynn said that he was climbing/hiking in the “Valley of Fire” State Park in Nevada this week at sunset and the sandstone layers really lit up with the sun at the low angle.  Striking vision!

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