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Prime Passages is a curated collection of articles, stories, reviews, opinions, and links to resources & interesting content that aim to inspire lovers of beer, hiking, and travel.  Readers are invited to contribute their reactions, comments, stories, and images.

Prime passages resonate with people who enjoy distinctive, authentic experiences with places, people, food, drink, and subtle adventure.  Aiding you in having rewarding journeys, unexpected encounters, savored experiences, enduring memories, enchanting departures … these are among the aspirations of this blog.

The author of Prime Passages is Kevin Holsapple.  Currently living in northern New Mexico, Kevin has traveled extensively over the years and aspires to do alot more of that in the coming years.  Now semi-retired, Kevin’s working life included management of a destination tourism activity, community development work, advising and training small businesses, operating recreational tours, and even operating a beer hall.


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  1. Some really good trips that have given me some inspiration to do some beer hikes. However, I find the information on walking in Germany to be scant whereas the information on cycling is prolific. I’d be interested to know where you get your information from when planning a walk particularly in Germany and the Czech Republic.

    • It’s cool to hear you are interested. A summary of my process may be useful.

      Often an idea for a walk comes from something I came across on a prior walk or something that shows up in the social media feed. Once I have an idea, I’ll look on a map (usually Google Maps) to see whether there may be interesting sounding breweries or beer drinking places within walking distance of each other. Because I prefer using public transit, I also look for where the train stations and bus stops are. I build a Google MyMap as my foundational planning repository — easy to do and can give great insights about possibilities. For the route itself, I use a tool called OutdoorActive.com in Europe and one called AllTrails.com in USA to figure out interesting route options between the beers and places. Once I decide on the route I want, I export it as a .gpx file and import it back into the Google MyMap to continue to build a hike plan. Once I have done all that I’ll do a bit of research on the web with local tourism authority sites and the sites of the places I’ll be visiting. Sometimes I’ll even email one or more if I need something I can’t find on the web. If there is a relevant book I have I’ll also take a look there to see if there may be additional useful info — an example in Bavaria is Rich Carbonara’s “Beer Hiking Bavaria” — I have a resources page that will give you contacts for some of these. Whenever I see a new book or blog about beer hiking, I ask the author(s) if they want to contribute to a piece on my site called “What is Beer Hiking?” – I’ve updated the piece several times as I’ve found new resources and received new inputs — you’ll find a link to it on my About page. It’s definitely been a fun hobby for me — let me know if there is something I can help with or if you ever want to do a guest post some day.

      • Hi Kevin! Just came upon your site, love it! Question related to the Sagres Self Serve Beer machine in Lisbon. We were there in 2016 and unfortunately didn’t see any of these machines. Do you by chance remember what street in Lisbon you saw it? We’re returning to Lisbon this summer & would at least like to find one just for fun. If not, no worries! Thanks! Here’s the url https://primepassages.com/wp-content/uploads/LisbonBeer/DSCF0730.jpg

      • As I remember it, it was on the west side of the street as I was walking south on Av. Almirante Reis from the Portugalia Cervejaria. Hope you have a great trip and come back here to tell about things you find.

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