How to Enjoy Prime Passages

It’s not complicated … but a few tips may help to improve your enjoyment of this blog.

How to find stories you may like

This image shows the Homepage – click for larger image

There are several ways to navigate around the stories on this site.  You may click on any image or headline to open the corresponding story (shown in picture to right).  In addition, you can filter the grid/list of stories by destination or topic using the word cloud in the left column under the heading “tags” (shown in picture below) – just click on what you want to see.  You may also use the Prime Passages Story Map to find stories on a Google map relating to a particular geographic region you are interested in.

navigating with tags
This image shows the Homepage and has a pointer to the Word Cloud – click for larger image

Finding out about new stories

signing up for notifications
This image shows the Homepage and points out where the social media links are and where the email sign-up is – click for larger image

You can find out about new stories by following Prime Passages on social media and/or by subscribing to emails.  Email subscription is free.  Email subscribers will receive no more than one email message per month.  We will never sell or share your email address.  Email subscription is the most reliable method because social media platforms don’t always show you all of the posts that you follow.

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