Slow Soakin’

Sierra Grande LodgeSometimes (many times?) a slow-paced, tranquil weekend is what beckons.  Such a time can be had at the Sierra Grande Lodge & Spa in Truth or Consequences, New Mexico.  The Sierra Grande is one of ten or so lodging places in T or C that offer hot springs soaks.  The various places range from simple elegance to downright funky looking/feeling.  Since the occasion this particular weekend was my wedding anniversary, I opted for simple elegance and was glad for my choice.

The Sierra Grande is a National Historic Register property built in the late 1920’s as the O’Dell Apartments.  The non-descript facade belies the comfortable interior and shady outdoor spaces.  The greeting at the front desk was friendly and professional.  Our small but quiet and comfortable room came equipped with an oversized tub that could be fed with hot mineral water from the springs that are said to be beneath the hotel.  I took advantage one day with a quiet soak in the morning and on another day a tranquil soak before dinner.  Included in the room rate was daily soak time in one of several large, private soak facilities.  We used our allotment to enjoy long, quiet soaks in both outdoor and indoor pool rooms.

The water issues from the springs at between 102 and 107 degrees … perfect temperature for attitude adjustment.  The water is clear and odorless even though it is high in mineral content.  This is attributed to the high temperatures said to form the minerals into colloids retained in the water rather than outgassing.  There are 32 mineral elements in the water with chloride, sodium, calcium being the most prevalent.  There are an additional 6 mineral compounds with bicarbonate and sulfate the most prevalent of these.  The single highest mineral concentration is chloride, a naturally occurring germ killer that sterilizes the skin and ensures the purity of the water.  The pH of the water is neutral.  Whether the heat, the minerals, the surroundings, or something else, I left my soak each time deeply relaxed and feeling great.  My wife availed herself of an hour long massage after one of our soaks which she said was excellent … and she knows about these things.

The Sierra Grande is in a great location for walking anywhere you want within the downtown area.  We didn’t need to drive for meals, movie, or a walk in the park.  A decent breakfast was included with good coffee, a variety of rolls, breads, fruit, juices, and granola.  We sat out on the large, shady veranda and leisured our way through several cups of coffee.

historic picture from Truth Or Consequences, by Sherry Fletcher and Cindy Carpenter

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