Lifting Spirits in Oberaudorf

Route map – click anywhere on image for interactive Google Map of the route. Oberaudorf is about a one hour regional train ride from Munich.

Nestled amidst towering peaks and verdant valleys of the Bavarian Alps, the ski town of Oberaudorf, Germany was my destination for a lift-assisted beer hiking experience – one that combined the exhilaration of a ski lift ride, the serenity of a mountain hike, and a refreshing brewery visit to top it off. I welcomed this day, eager to explore the alpine terrain without the usual arduous climb. I boarded the Hocheck chairlift, its sturdy seats gently lifting me rapidly from the village of Oberaudorf up into the alpine greenery. The panorama of the Bavarian Alps unfolded all around, the rugged beauty stretched in every direction.

Oberaudorfer Dunkel

Reaching the lift station near Hocheck, I stepped off onto a plateau adorned with wildflowers and a deep green meadow. The air was thin and crisp and invigorating. I inhaled deeply, savoring the pure mountain air. The Berggastof Hocheck is a comfortable terrace with big views near the lift station. They serve beers from Auerbrau in nearby Rosenheim.

The hike from Hocheck began along a well-maintained trail, winding its way through the alpine meadow. Whenever I needed to catch my breath it was time to admire the panoramic views. Venturing up the trail leads to a saddle offering views into adjacent valleys. The trail becomes more rustic entering the forest.

The descent was even more enjoyable than the ascent, offering a different perspective of the landscape. The tranquility of the mountains was unavoidable, the only sounds being my footsteps and the occasional chirping of birds. The trail descends through a tapestry of alpine meadows, adorned with wildflowers and past small farms. Streams and springs dot the hillsides.

The route eventually emerges from the forest into the outskirts of Oberaudorf, and its colorful mountain houses. The town exudes a sense of tranquility and charm, its streets lined with traditional Bavarian shops and cafes. It was time for a beer to cap the hike so I made my way to the Oberaudorfer Privatbrauerei, a small modern-feeling brewery close to the center. There wasn’t much happening there during the day but the beertender was welcoming and showed me around a bit. They offer a nice line-up of draft choices and have a cool little shop with homemade specialties. The beer was just what was needed after the hike.

A final beer feature in the town was to stop by Getranke Wierer to pick up an Echt Boisei Oberaudorfer Ur-Weisse, a dark wheat beer brewed and bottled by Dachsbräu in Weilheim using the original recipe from the defunct Weißbierbrauerei Bals in Oberaudorf. Boisei is said to retain cult status in the area and is only sold in this area. There is a “gold” version that I didn’t try. Boisei is also available at Gasthaus Waller near the Carmeliten Monastery near the town.

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