What Hiking Actually Does For The Mind, Body And Soul

A human being actively choosing to head out of their home and tread through miles and miles of terrain doesn’t leap out to some people. They’d rather sit in with a beverage and watch the latest, hottest TV show. For those that love a good hike through all kinds of conditions, however, it’s not only a real test but something that can give off so many positives. While walking isn’t the most fashionable pastime for many, it’s something that affects our minds, bodies, and souls a lot. 

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Heading out on an adventure through an area you’ve never been before and discovering all that the world has to offer is a beautiful sensation. It can change the way a person thinks and behaves. If you’re not quite into the idea or don’t see yourself as very adventurous, have a little read of the following points. We’ll talk about what it can really do for you on a holistic level.

It Provides You With A Real Workout 

It’s not an easy job. Walking tends to be pretty simple for those who are able, but try doing it for hours across multiple gradients and terrains. It’s a real fitness test and one that you won’t forget in a while once it’s done. If you feel as though you’d like a new kind of physical challenge, then hiking in a beautiful environment isn’t a bad idea. It’s also something you could do if you feel as though you need a little fitness boost in your life. Workouts tend to be tedious and difficult; hiking in an attractive location will take the sting out of such a chore, though.

It Prepares You For What’s Really Out There

Going through difficult times in life is what prepares you for anything. You can’t expect to battle through tough times without any experience in going through similar strife. Hiking isn’t a walk in the park – pardon the pun; it can be very challenging and will test your mental mettle. 

You’re Introduced To A New Hobby

Once you begin, you’ll likely want to continue. As you continue through your hiking journeys, you’ll begin to realize that you’ve found yourself an entirely new hobby. You’ll be planning your life around these days out. You’ll look to link up with others doing the same. You’ll look to hop onto blogs like this one and the likes of Prepared Bee regularly. It’s not just a case of walking somewhere and then heading home – it’s a lifestyle. 

It Gives You A Real Rush Of Endorphins

The mixture between seeing the environment, getting out of the house, and the fitness elements all fuse together to help your brain release good chemicals. Endorphin rushes make a person feel so much better about themselves. It instills confidence and an overall sense of satisfaction. You feel amazing afterward – and the feeling during a hike isn’t too bad either!

Last but not least …

It gives you a great reason to enjoy a beer and reflect on what you’ve seen and experienced!

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    Missed this great little post, Kevin. Must say I sometimes have to hike after the beer and lunch (so usually a couple beers). Then those easy hikes get harder. haha

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