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Boot Bomb

I had a nice reader contact this week from Brian Bradshaw who had found the article Geocache Hiking to be interesting.  It is always nice to have positive feedback on one of the Prime Passages articles, but Brian’s feedback came with the bonus of discovering the excellent website he edits called Boot Bomb — All About Boots.

Boot Bomb
My trusty Propet Cliffwalkers fresh off extended hikes on the Penine Way (U.K.) and Wicklow Way (Ireland).

Boots are pretty important to my hiking and walking life, but if you check out Brian’s site you will find that they are a passion for him.  You’ll find in-depth descriptions, reviews, and rankings.  Next time you are shopping for boots you may find Boot Bomb to be a very useful resource.

Beyond the boots, Brian has alot of other interesting content as well.  His compilation post on the Top 50 Long Distance Hiking Trails In The USA  is the best such compilation I have seen.  I encourage you to check out his site.  I have added it as a resource on the Prime Passages Resource Page.

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