Back in New Mexico

It feels good to be back in New Mexico … back hiking the local trails … back biking the local trails … back having a beer and seeing what is new at my local brewery. Getting back puts a cap on the past six weeks traveling in Germany and Belgium to enjoy new places and collect experiences and photos that I will be putting into upcoming stories.

The part of New Mexico where I live finally got beyond wildfire season while I was away. A nice and much-welcomed monsoon pattern set in and landscapes that were still brown when I left are now lush and sprinkled with wildflowers. The forests and canyons in New Mexico had been closed for a while when I left and it feels great to come home to them being open and inviting. That’s one more great thing to chalk up for why travel can be so rewarding – coming home to rediscover things you didn’t even know you were missing.

Trinity Anniversary Ale

In the coming months, expect plenty of stories from the travels including “A Tale of Two Cities – Exploring Kolsch Culture in Cologne and Altbier Culture in Dusseldorf”; “A Beer Hike in the Laaberthal”; “A Naabthal Beer Hike into Regensburg”; “A Cross-border Beer Hike from the Bavarian Forest into Czechia”; Beer Hikes and Bikes in the Bavarian Forest; “Neumarkt Beer Hike”; “Beer Passion in Antwerp”; “Beery Bike Touring in Ypres and Poperinge”; “A Bike, Barge, and Brewery Trip From Brugges to Ghent to Deinze to Oudenarde”; “Brussels Beer Walking”; “Waterloo Beer Hike”; Beery Visits to Leuven and Mechelen; and probably more. I hope you will tune in to read the stories from time-to-time.

Meanwhile, on the trail in New Mexico

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