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Prime Passages offers unique itineraries developed through personal contacts with locals in the areas we visit. Walking is at the core of our travel experiences. We look for creative ways to use walks and hikes to connect our travelers with our destinations. Walking blends with opportunities to experience and engage with the special culture, history, and scenery of each destination. We select accommodations that combine comfort with local character. Our travel experiences are authentic, safe, fun, and meaningful. We strive for experiences you will savor and remember for a lifetime.

We also love beer hikes — these hikes combine hiking in beautiful settings with opportunities to learn about local beer cultures. ¬†Certainly not all trips feature beer culture, but you will find that to be a feature of several of our trips.

Current Travel Offerings

Do you have a potential interest in one or more of our trips but none of the dates offered will work for you? Interested in a custom trip? ¬†We’d like to hear from you about your interests — please click here to give us your feedback or ask questions.

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