Cafe Hands

picmonkey_image.jpg“Your eyes may be the window to your soul, but it is your hands that really define you!” … Prasanna Ellanti

There is something about sitting in an outdoor cafe on a sunny day. A waiter dressed to the nines approaches with an immaculate white towel folded neatly over his arm. People are eating and drinking from glass and china instead of paper and plastic. Why is this possible in Europe and not in the U.S.A?


I have staked out a somewhat discrete niche near a pillar of the building housing the cafe to people watch … and photograph. You see, I am part of a virtual photography Meetup where we get a theme each week and then post a photo following the assigned theme. This week the theme is “hands” and I’ve decided to sit and see what interesting images present themselves.

There is alot of hand action at a Spanish sidewalk cafe. If I had to guess, maybe 50% of the communication is verbal, 25% with the hands, and the rest with various other body parts.

Have a look …

guy1a.jpg  guy1c.jpgguy1b.jpgguy1e.jpg




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